Social Development

Our band office will always have complete Social Assistance packages available for new applicants or applicants who had an “open” file at one time but for circumstantial reasons are reapplying. These packages are located in the front filing cabinet for member convenience.

The Social Development Department requests that applicants complete the information requested on this application form in its entirety.  Our department asks that applicants withhold from signing any of the documents or forms until they have met with the Social Development Worker, through an appointment they scheduled with the receptionist.

A typical intake appointment will be approximately an hour. During this time, applicants will need to provide all necessary shelter bills, agreements and a minimum of two pieces of I.D., although three pieces is preferred.  I.D. is required for the applicant(s) and any children who may be listed as dependents.

If the information is complete with contact information, such as last place in residence where the applicant(s) may have been receiving social assistance or confirmation the Employment Insurance Benefits have ended or a copy of a record of employment is included with the explanation of why an individual may not be entitled to E.I., this will assist the worker with making a fair and timely decision.

When information has to be searched (such as phone numbers) or names are not provided or information concerning your last place of employment or any information is evasive, this will create delays in processing an application.

It is the job of the Social Development Worker to assist the applicant when they are entitled to social assistance and help guide them if they are not entitled to social assistance.

Please review the Policy and Procedure for further information.

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