About Leq’á:mel


Mission Statement:

 As the government of the Leq’á:mel we are committed to working together to implement the strategic vision of the people by allocating resources, engaging members, and setting annual goals. We will make policy and decisions consistent with the strategic plan and Leq’á:mel culture and values. We will be transparent and accountable for our actions.

Leq’á:mel First Nation (LFN), formerly known as Lakahahmen First Nation, is located 22 kilometres east of Mission. LFN is a signatory to the Sto:lo Nation with approximately 420 members, and is governed by Chief and Council through Custom Election Code.

LFN is involved in many partnerships such as, the Advocates of Nicomen Ecological Watershed (ANEW) and the Fraser River Scientific Development and Selective Harvest Partnership (FRSD&SHP). LFN is also one of the many voices speaking against the Sumas Energy 2 (SE2). LFN believes that all of us must create an understanding of the environment and join as one in order to defeat the problems that we face today with pollution in our environment.

“As First Nations we are unique to begin with, our cultures are practices at varying degrees (some just learning, some advanced in their knowledge). We are remote in terms of accessing services through Chilliwack, Mission, or Vancouver, so our needs are a bit more unique. We have no access to transit so we pretty much need services and programs delivered within our community and our community. So we need to build capacity within our community in order to provide a higher level of service or programs to our members.”


-Chief Alice Thompson
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