The level place where people meet

Discover Leq’á:mel

“Our ancestors built longhouses were entire extended families all lived together-from great grandparents to babies.”

-A Stolo Coast Salish Historical Atlas, ed. Keith Carlson, Douglas and McIntyre, Vancouver, 2001 page 42. Retrieved from: “living together”. Leq’á:mel: Our land-our people, p.16.

“Research suggests that each village had its own siyá:m or respected leader, and it appears that are a traditional approach to leadership was determined by family systems”

– Retrieved from: “living together”. Leq’á:mel: Our land-our people, p.16

“… this lands and climate were so generous that our ancestors could of the winter in ritual and celebration”

– Retrieved from: “living together”. Leq’á:mel: Our land-our people, p.18 Abundance,p.18

“… There are special places in our Leq’á:mel territory where we have a strong connection with our past ancestors. It is here, in these places, where our culture and identity are rooted”

– Murial Shepard for the Susan Lewis Family, 2014. Retrieved from: Returning to Strength, Section 3. Leq’á:mel: Our land-our people, p.42.

“This land is where my elders were before we walked, gathered, danced, held feasts and talked about what the future held for us. I love this place-my land, my home”

– Author: Diablo/Thompson Family, 2014. Retrieved from Section 1 Our Land, our Ancestors. Leq’á:mel Our Land –Our People. p.8

With the wisdom of the past, the community of Leq’á:mel will be a healthy, safe, self-sustaining home where we live in harmony, creating a better future for all generations.

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